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CNC Rotary Die Board Cutting Machine TSD-RC300

TSD-RC300 CNC Rotary die board cutting machine

TSD-RC300 CNC Rotary cutting machine

TSD-RC300 Rotary milling machine

TSD-RC300 CNC Rotary Cutter

Model No.: TSD-RC300
Cutting Length: 3000mm
Cutting Dia.: 200-800mm
Cutting Width: 1.42mm
Cutting material: 13mm & 15mm plywood board


1. High rigidity machine bed with annealing process to ensure the accuracy of the machine, to be stable for a long time.

2. Fully closed design, isolation of dust, no pollution.


1. Low cost machine, quickly to return investment;

2. Low consumption cost, two degrees of electricity per hour only;

3. Low maintenance cost, milling cutter consumption only;

4. Small installation space needed only 4.8M length by 1.5M width;

5. Working environmental protection, No laser cutting smoke;

6. Fully automatically drilling cut the installation hole, one-time to complete the rotary die cutting process.

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