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Laser System  
Laser Rotary Die Cutting Machine
 Rotary Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

1. High rigidity machine bed with annealing process to make sure the accuracy of the machine, and to be stable for a long time;

2. Imported servo motor, reducer and other precision components to ensure the machine's cutting accuracy;

3. Optimize the mixed optical path, simply operate, and even cutting slit;

4. Intelligent electronic follow-up laser head cutting system, adapt to the uneven materials automatically to ensure the same slit;

5. Strong smoke exhaust system, less smoke during working to get a good environment;

6. Freely design a variety of graphics or text instantly to be cut, it’s simple and flexible;

7. Fast cutting speed, low operating costs, rapid return on investment.


Technical Parameters:

Model No.


Laser output power

1500Watts axial flow CO2 laser source

Processing range


X-axis range Straight axis


Y-axis Range Rotation axis


Cutting precision


Re-Positioning Precision


Cutting width

0.71mm, 1.07mm, 1.42mm

Average. cutting speed

40-60meters/hour 12-15MM thickness wooden board

Controlling system


Transmission system

Ball screw & Linear guide

Optical system


Moving structure


Chiller system

Special Chiller system for laser generator system

Machine table whole sizes.

Length 7500* Width 1500 * Height 2000MM 3700

Laser generator size

L2300 * W950 * H1700MM   1200KGS

G. Weight of whole machine


Voltage (Working table)

Single Phrase 220V 50Hz

Voltage (Laser generator)

3 Phrase 380V/50Hz/30A

Pressure of accessory air source


Laser generator gas matched

He, N2, CO2(99.99%)


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