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Laser System  
Medium Power Laser Die Board Cutting Machine
Machine / Assistant Equipment Features:
l          Motor System: Servo Motor to guarantee high precision cutting
l          Drive System: HIWIN Linear guide rail + ball screw to guarantee high precision cutting and table moving
l          External light path system: USA optical lens to guarantee strong laser focus
l          Cooling system: Best China CW-6000 Industrial Chiller water cooling
l          Protective Gas: Dry oil-free air, Taiwan Tai Sheng air dryer
l          Exhausting system: two sets exhaust fans to carry out smoking
l          Laser control system: fully English language TSD laser software, PC control
l          Laser power Devices: Best China brand Hongyuan
l          Fixed laser path, ensure the stability of the optical path.
l          Laser cutting head coming with auto touching following system, adapt to the jagged materials.
l          High temperature heat treatment working table and large gantry milling processing.
l          Stable machine design, high strength of machine bed, long-year working
l          Low consumption of voltage about 5-7 kilowatt per hour

Technical Specifications:

Machine model No.

TSD-LC-1218 400W

Laser Type

CO2 direct-current stimulated glass laser 

Cutting area

Width 1200mm x Length1800mm

Machine weight


Driving motor

 Servo Motor

Cutting depth

15mm-18mm-20mm plywood

Cutting precision


USB port connection


Operating temperature


Mould knife thickness

0.45mm, 0.71mm,1.07mmetc. controllable

Cutting speed 400W

25-30meters/hour 18-20mm plywood

Protective gas

Dry and oil-free air

Power supply

single-phase electricity 220V5%  50Hz 10A

Numerical control panel

LCD screen, light-touched key-press

Software supported

Auto CAD,

Graphic format support

AUTO CAD files.

EMS memory

attached 32MB memory, can work under off-line condition

Assistant equipment

Air Dryer, industrial chiller, Exhaust Fan, Computer System

Recommend spare parts

Laser Tube, Lens, Mirror

H.S Code

8456 1100.90

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