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TSD-850 Steel Rule Bender

Automatic blade bending machine (TSD-850)  is numerical control program, it’s developed and designed for the convenience of the user, it’s easy to operate and support DXF file of auto CAD, support file(DXF,AI,NC.)


Bending Blade thickness: 0.71mm/1.07mm/1.42mm 2PT/3PT/4PT

Bending Blade height: 23.8-50mm, optional 60mm



Processing of functions such as fully automatic bending, bridge, straight cutting, perforation, hole punching, manual lip cutting.

1.     Panasonic Servo motor system + Ball-screw guide rail design, avoiding skidding and error in length.

2.     Unique imported mould tool design, easy to bend pattern, high precision of size, durable.

3.     In order guarantee precision and long-life span, transmission and control parts are imported.

4.     Self-developed latest bending control system, easy to operate and upgrade available.

5.      Fully Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese software language, easy to learn how to operate, make bending work easy.

6.     It can be installed soon after bending patterns form the machine, no need extra more hard work.

7.     Exactly to realize fully automatic bending, help to save plate making time.


Technical Parameter:  

Blade thickness(mm)


Blade height(mm)


Max. bending angle


Min. ARC radius of 90 degree


Front Min. bending size


Back Min. cutting size


Feeding precision


Bending flatness



Bending, straight cutting, bridge, perforation, hole punching, manual lip cutting

Cutting methods

Swing cutting or Auto flat cutting

Optimal pattern format

Auto CAD, Dxf format

Air supply


Power supply

1P 220V 50(Standard)

Machine total power


Gross weight.


Overall dimension




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