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Q: What is die-cutting?
Die-cutting refers to a cutting process for packaging carton, packaging box or some sheet-shaped products before there are finished shape. Actually, its to design a cutting mould according to the specifications and production request of the packing carton, box or other sheet-shaped products, with thin cutting blades are inserted into. And mounted the die-cutting plate/mould back to the die-cutting machine, which uses pressing force to cut-off the extra parts and bending line segments to either form the raw materials for packaging carton and packaging box or sheet from mould-ready products.
Selection of die-cutting plate Category Application Material Specification
Die-cutting plate made out of thin material plate Corrugated paper made pack carton, film Pack box and foam material etc., with thickness more than 2 mm. Wooden thick clamping plate Plate thickness:
Thin die-cutting plate Film pack box, self-adhesive sticker and paper board etc. with thickness less than 2 mm.
All kinds of plastic board late thickness:5,6,8,10mm
Technical requirement to cutter clearance Slit width For thick material: 1.07mm 1.42mm For thin material: 0.45mm 0.71mm
Quality requirement Same slit width for upper and lower cutter clearance; even and smooth lines, high accuracy.
Q:How about training course?
Regarding training, regularly we offer on site full set training course in China factory,including operation, maintenance, common failure recovery courses, control software upgrading, mainboard upgrading, and related function strengthen upgrading if you request. Furthermore, we will match some extra related common-used parts of machine in case of futher replacement. Or if your require additional support, we can arrange qualified technician to visit your company.
As long as you have any problems or questions about laser technology, were always available in contact. Together with our customer-orientated service support, maintenance costs will be keep as low as possible..
Q:How can I get in touch with you?
Our Sales Department is available by calling +86-755-29776384 on Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm EST. Or please feel free to email us at or phone directly to 0086-134-2095-0731 or mail correspondence to:

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