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Shenzhen TSD Laser Equipment Co., Ltd adheres to the customer-oriented service concept, providing complete installation, commissioning, inspection, training, maintenance and other pre-sales and after-sales service.

Pre-sales service
We provide customers with a variety of services including production processes proposals, technical consulting, free sample making, equipment shape designing.
Machine-installation & debugging
According the contract, our company will ship the equipment to the port of Shenzhen or domestic user specified location. Qualified technician will be send to customerí»s company for machine installation and debugging. Under the proper circumstance, the technician will finish installation within three days. Please keep the installation place clean and tidy.
After machine installation and testing, qualified technician will be send to customerí»s company for training (machine operation, machine maintenance, machine debugging, product sample processing, etc). TSD Laser also welcome our customers to come to Chinese headquarter for machine training. The training is free of charge and it will last at least 3 days until the operator of customersí» can use the machine properly and correctly.
Complete and perfect after-sales service
One year warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment
Lifetime free of charge support and upgrade for hardware and software
About Us
About us
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